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Name: Jeremy Daniele
Age: 31
Occupation: Technical Support Engineer

February 14, 2019:
Happy Valentine's Day to the love of my life. You're like a never ending vacation. We've seen so many things and just keep going :D You understand me so well where other just don't. I feel proud to be with you and can't wait to share my day with you. Here's to you babe!! My diamond in a world of rocks.

January 31, 2019:
Yea so The Weather Channel says it "FEELS" like negative 7 degrees in Fahrenheit.

Cool... (John Oliver voice)

January 24, 2019:
Updated website server info. All should be working.

January 18, 2019:
Updating this website server info. Please don't mind if it's down.

January 16, 2019:
Felt like crap with a cold for the past two days. Hopefully I'll feel better tomorrow.

January 11, 2019:
Saw my dad's dog sleeping on the floor and immediately thought of Firefox lol
Siberian Husky fluffy black and white dog curled up on floor

*For those of you who donít know already. Firefox is the name of a web browser. Itís made by a Mozilla Foundation which is a non-profit organization that supports open source software.

January 1, 2019:
Happy New Year!!!! Hello 2019 and goodbye 2018. Strange how we treat the changing of a calendar year as it magically is some kind of alternate world. We say things like, "I'm going to start fresh" or "Things are going to be different" but let's be real... is it really? It's kind of like how people act when someone enters or leaves their life too. Like some kind of parallel universe. Suddenly, you become inspired to do better or feel doomed to repeat bad habits. Remember that our choices are our own and nothing, but you stand in your way. Of course, other life circumstances do come in to play but no one is truly stuck. The point is, however youíre feeling, be who you feel you need to be. Donít except to live a dream overnight but at least start on the path. Once you start to see things change, youíll know youíve already won. Good luck in 2019 but you wonít need it ;)

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