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Name: Jeremy Daniele
Age: 32
Occupation: Technical Support Engineer

Information About Me:
My name is Jeremy Daniele from Bricktown, NJ. I was born February 1987 in Toms River, NJ to Robert Daniele and Dawn Daniele.
I studied Computer Science and Business Administration at Ocean County College. I remain and undergraduate as of now. I've worked for multiable "mom and pop" computer stores in the Monmouth and Ocean County areas. I attempted to start my own computer services business but stopped due to unpaid invoices. Eventually left all other computer companies and started working for Best Buy Co in 2010 immediately in the Geek Squad department as a part time employee. About a year later I was promoted to a full-time employee with the same responsibilities. I eventually transferred to the field services side of Geek Squad performing audio/visual services. After gaining some experience I switched to computer technical support in Geek Squad field services where I remain today.

I have a lot of professional experience (over 10 years) with information and entertainment technology. I practice business as part of my current role. I'm very well spoken and written. I've worked with many pieces of residential and commercial grade equipment ranging from home computers, router, switches and ex. Up to Microsoft Exchange Server, SonicWALL firewalls, site-to-site VPN, WAN, LAN, IP phone systems, network domains and so on. I understand how an operating system work on a fundamental level which lets me identify and fix an issue affectively.

I enjoy learning new tech, playing new sports, meeting new people, traveling to new places, and watching the stock market. I plan to learn at least one additional language (other than my native language). I want to learn to surf, fly a plane, become a better leader, support my community by eventually running for an elected office one day, and maybe one day be promoted to a C level role in a company. I'm a very passionate person and take my job (or any job) very seriously. I have always taken work seriously regardless what I did. I was always told growing up, "Even if you want to be a garbage man then be the best garbage man!!" This taught me that the job wasn't the important part of life but how the world sees you performing that job. If the IT field doesn't work for me anymore for whatever reason I would either switch to law or a form of chemical science.

My Strengths (by Gallup StrengthFinder):
A few years ago (about May 2012) I joined a leadership program at my job. I was introduced to a book titled, Now, Discover Your Strengths by Marcus Buckingham. It was a book about discovering who you are as a person on a fundamental level. It also teaches you how to discover possible traits in others. After reading this book I took the test online. I discovered my top five themes were the following.

1. Strategic
2. Futuristic
3. Consistency
4. Deliberative
5. Analytical

You can read about my CliftonStrengths from the source with the following link. I hold a strong amount of "Strategic Thinking" and "Executing" themes. I am perfect for creating a plan and seeing it through.