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Name: Jeremy Daniele
Age: 35
Occupation: Technical Support Engineer

December 22, 2020:
I would really love to see Apple, Ford, and Tesla all battle it out in the sector.

Exclusive: Apple targets car production by 2024 and eyes 'next level' battery technology - sources

December 17, 2020:
This is a huge topic when it comes to how your data is collected for advertising purposes. Will Android (Google) implement this next?

Daily Crunch: Facebook escalates Apple criticism

December 1, 2020:
So happy to see Microsoft hasn't given up on telephones yet.

Microsoft Teams calling devices for every user

October 28, 2020:
This is an extremely important event in history when it comes to the existence of the Internet and how it's required to run.

Facebook, Google & Twitter Execs Testify on Social Media Regulations

October 8, 2020:
This is something I'm constantly struggling with when it comes to educating the public of legitimacy. Phishing, spoofing, and imitations are everywhere.

US Department of Justice takes down rogue domain names

August 25, 2020:
Everyone is complaining about in-door dining and being able to go into stores without restrictions, yet here I am still wishing (for at least 5 years now) we had drone delivery.

August 16, 2020:
This whole argument about mail-in voting just makes me feel like we're their pawns. The fact that this is even an argument is insane. We should be expanding voting even more. We can successfully do our taxes online which is a very complicated system so I see no reason why we can't do that with voting. The fact that we even still do it in person blows my mind. If our current times have taught me anything it's that everything outside of physical logistics of products we can do everything online. If we as a society actually believe that physical polling stations somehow make the results more accurate than we are just lieing to ourselves. That will never be a true statement ever. Now if you want to involve a computer then 100% or at least 99% accuracy is a real discussion.

July 23, 2020:
While I don't feel the median pay is the best way to measure this I do feel people need to take one big step with their pay. Be upfront and clear about your goals. If your boss gets mad that you bring it up then find it somewhere else.

"My company just released employee-pay data, and the salary gap between men and women shows we have a lot of work ahead of us"

July 11, 2020:
Bee sting on the face 😢

Ice pack on my sad face.

June 26, 2020:
Knowing that your communications are private is an extremely important right in the United States. Anyone fighting to stop real encryption is simply an enemy.

New Bill Targeting "Warrant-Proof" Encryption Draws Ire

June 14, 2020:
I think it would be a great idea for Facebook to have an option to tag if our posts should be taken seriously (as a fact) or not seriously (as a joke). If you choose the serious option it's subject to fact checks. If it's a joke then it'll be flagged as a joke.

May 31, 2020:
Fun day out of the house. Nature and some history does the trick.

In crop field while wearing mask.

Monmouth Battlefield State Park

May 13, 2020:
Uber is going to live through this quarantine. Might be what the stock really needs to see.

Uber is trying to buy Grubhub

May 6, 2020:
I mean this was fishy in the first place.

ICANN votes down controversial .org sale proposal

March 15, 2020:
So this has made national news and we're being overwhelmed with information so I figured I'd make a small post about it.

February 28, 2020:
It's my Birthday!!!

Ragnarok Thor its my birthday button

Referencing a seen from Thor Ragnarok (The Avengers Series):

February 13, 2020 @ 8:19pm:
Yummm hashbrowns

Hash browns on plate

January 17, 2020 @ 7:45pm:
We have fixed the security issues on this website so it is now encrypted again.

January 9, 2020:
Poor little guys

Family Loads Car with Koalas in Makeshift Rescue Attempt From Australia Fires
National Weather Service image of Australia Fire Koala

January 8, 2020:
ICANN's founding chairman joins the battle to keep .org out of private hands.

January 3, 2020:
Lets get the show on the road.

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